Obnoxious Chocs for Mum

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Our boxes of solid Belgian milk chocolate Obnoxious Chocs make the perfect scrumptious birthday gift for Mum.

After a funny present for Mum on a special occasion or just as a special treat? These boxes of Obnoxious Chocs chocolate hearts make unique gifts for those with their tongues firmly in their cheeks.

Make sure you have an escape route handy in case she doesn't take kindly to some of the messages. Though once she has tucked into the delicious milk chocolate, she won't stay mad for long.

These eight chocolates are packaged in a high quality kraft gift box, stamped with an 'Obnoxious Choc's motif and solid milk chocolate heart features one of the following messages:  Washing's in the hall; Like a Mum to me; Yummy Mummy; Lend me a fiver?; What's for tea?; Thanks for having me; It wasn't me and From your favourite.

As always, we can gift wrap your chocolates for you and also add a gift tag and/or greetings card.  Take a look at our options in the photographs and choose from the appropriate drop down boxes when you order.  Don't forget to input a personal message if you would like us to hand write it onto the tag or card.


All of Bagstock & Bumble's lollies are hand made in West Yorkshire from the finest quality fairtrade Belgian chocolate.

Allergies: Our milk and white chocolate items contain dairy and any of our items, as they are made in a home environment, may contain traces of wheat, soya and nuts.

Best before: All items will have a minimum of 4 weeks (usually much longer) until their best before date which will be clearly marked on the packaging.

Storage: Please store our chocolate items in a fairly cool, dark place. They do NOT need to be refrigerated – this may cause the chocolate to bloom and produce unsightly white marks on the surface of the chocolate (though it would still be perfectly fine to eat).

Milk chocolate: Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soy lecithin (E322), flavouring: natural vanilla (Cocoa solids 33.6% minimum).

Decoration: Cocoa butter, titanium dioxide, hydrated aluminium oxide, E104

Each chocolate is approximately 4cm x 4cm at their widest and highest and they weigh approximatey 16g each (there is a total of approximately 120g of chocolate in each box). We know the measurements because we made the moulds, but our weights will vary slightly because they are made by our own experienced, if imprecise, hands.
Obnoxious Chocs for Mum - Bagstock & Bumble
Obnoxious Chocs for Mum - Bagstock & Bumble
Obnoxious Chocs for Mum - Bagstock & Bumble
Obnoxious Chocs for Mum - Bagstock & Bumble
Obnoxious Chocs for Mum - Bagstock & Bumble
Obnoxious Chocs for Mum - Bagstock & Bumble